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We can invest for you on high yield assets. If you have assets or if you search to invest on high yield investment, do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail: or phone: 050-5709601.
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Special agents and brokers

Special agents and brokers

We invest on high yield property in Germany. We post the best offers from maximum german brokers and real estate agents. 

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Welcome to Germany Israel Investments



On our website you will find real estate suggestions, investment suggestions, articles and tips about investments in Germany.


You can search our real estate database for Buildings, apartments, Lands and other real estates offers on Germany.


Er are specialize in all types of assets and in all the German primary locations. 



Germany Israel investments team







Euro strengthened against the U.S. dollar and currencies related to it. The average cost of living lower in Germany than in other countries in the European Union, especially in the provinces of the country.
Real estate management
Services provided by the utility company are comprehensive and professional services are to meet the goal of human property owners renters property owners step into the shoes.

Germany apartments
In 2000, the tax reform was carried out in Germany in which reduced corporate tax rates, individual tax, welfare tax necessary first step.
German tax system while targeting Israeli investor
Germany is a preferred destination by international investors because it is a stable country with a largely equity financed market. Strengthening of the market began to rise after latest defeat followed after sub-prime crisis in the U.S.
Background on Germany: Country Profile, communications, economics and finance, culture and politics.
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